Indian IT Industry : 15 Months & On

Working in a so-called IT Industry is really challenging. It’s been 1 Year 3 Months or lets write it 15 Months so that it looks more duration like we write in case of our CV’s.

Here is the career path of Imaginary Indian software engineer – Mahesh Garg.

1) Mahesh joins one of the thousands of engineering colleges, primarily due to parental pressure.

2) Engineering college encourages rote learning.  From childhood, Mahesh has mastered the art of rote learning and writing exams. Mahesh easily gets more than 90% in all semesters, but in reality has little interest or knowledge of software development.

3) Mahesh gets selected by an IT services company in a campus placement along with 200 others from his college.

4) Mahesh is sent to their training center for 3 months training in “real world software development”. At the end of his training and sitting on bench for 2 months, he is placed in an application maintenance project.

5) 8 out of 10 in his project have little or no knowledge of coding. Hence, most of the work is done by a group of overworked, frustrated people at onsite and the 2 people who know how to code. Mahesh gets very little work experience and spends most of his time browsing facebook.

6) On a Sunday evening, after coming back from the mall, Mahesh is more frustrated than usual. He goes to Quora and posts questions like “How can I increase my salary?” and “How can I improve in coding?”. His questions gets down-voted and no one responds.

7) Four years pass by. The 2 people in Mahesh’s project who know coding have left the company. Mahesh’s manager sends him onsite by telling the customer that he is a Java developer with 5 years experience.

8) Mahesh is excited to go onsite. He is sharing a room with 4 other people working at different companies in that area. At the client’s office, he gets a good laptop with all software pre-installed on the first day. He is also surrounded by a higher percentage of knowledgeable people. Mahesh is in ideal environment and works hard on week days. He goes to Costco for shopping and gets drunk on weekends. Over the following months, Mahesh visits Niagara falls, New York and some other places and promptly posts his pictures on facebook.

9) After 11 months at onsite, Mahesh picks up some knowledge  of java coding and is praised by customer for doing good work. One day Mahesh’s project is short closed by customer due to funding issues. Mahesh is sent back to India.

10) Mahesh is placed as team lead in another project with same customer. In this project 9 out 10 people don’t know any coding and Mahesh is the 10th person. Mahesh is fed up and wants to become a manager, so he won’t have to deal with technical problems every day.

11) Years pass by.

12) Mahesh has 12 years of “experience” and is now a manager. His parents have married him off to a girl who is also working in IT. They have a child who is at home mostly with a maid servant. They have pooled their money and also taken a huge loan to buy a 2 bhk apartment from a “reputed builder”. Mahesh or his wife cannot afford to lose their job, nor are they getting much salary hikes or promotions. 10 out of 10 people in his team don’t know any coding.

But Mahesh is Not “Mahesh”, He will transform his life by not acting as above and will build his own empire.


An open letter to Ritesh Agarwal, founder & CEO of OYO Rooms

Hi Ritesh

Greetings. You have been really working hard with your start up and guess what i bow you for this. I mean you provide the A Class rooms at C Class Rates. What more one can get. Hats off to you. But here’s something as a advice i want to tell you before its too late.

Well i happen to switched on a mode in my life, where i tend to save money now because i started earning it and someone rightly said it that you know the value of money when you earn it. Let’s not get into this, i have lot of things to say then.

It was perfect plan for a weekend. First Job, Friends together, time seemed good to enjoy the less explored areas. I wanted to start with Ahmadabad, probably that’s the closest one to my current city.

Plans made, Got booked a OYO Room!! Applied Coupon!! Payment Done!! Room BOOKED!!

I had to book in advance because we planed to Rev our Bikes engine through the Night to up till morning 4-5. I thought it would be tiring to continue, so we booked it.

But Guess what!! It was a Nightmare. Reached the location (Thanks to the in app Ola Booking and Navigation) and Phew!!!

The Hotel is Packed. Okay! I always thought that if we at least make the payment well in advance, your booking is confirmed.

Called the customer care, woo!! They promised to call back after some time with a nearby available property!

Lets Wait. 10 Minutes, No Call Back!! 20 Minutes!! When it was 30, i called back and there was a new person on the call, sounded sleepy (May be not well Paid and must be doing a Morning shift at ZOYO Rooms). Was Blank, promised a call back with some higher authority. And did i mention, he was too rude to handle.

My God!! I am young, i can go anywhere. But trust me, if a was a man with a family, i would sue you for this.

So Little brother, i wish you all the best with the future and advice you to have the Bookings confirmed for those who paid well in advance if not for the Pay at Hotel option!! Let’s not be Greedy and be Good with Customers.

I landed up paying about 10 times more to the other hotel at that situation. Would recommend to never trust with these Booking portals.

And guess what, its almost 4 days for now, and there is No Refund.

The Next time you get lured with the price, ring up and keep checking on the availability!! Mind it Guys, your Girl may Hang you for this.

ITNE Mien ITNA hi mil jayie, vohi bohat hai.

Good Night

I have best father in this world

And He is my role model and I know I can never be like him. So modest, down to earth, hardworking, smart, loved by the people.
I have learned hundreds of things from him and probably it would get to eternity before I can be him. I sound jealous. No! I Love him but dont really express it rather fail to express it.
Happy B’day Papa! I want you to live forever and forever and ever. Down the line, I have realised that it not only difficult to be you but how do you retain to be you. So much loving, well wisher and maintain that peace into you when it is required.
I know you are the best father one can have and I am so thankful to god for this. You gave me everything what I demanded and stood by my side no matter what.

I Love you.

I know no one can pay back their mothers but I even know that you even cannot pay back your fathers!

Happy B’day!!

Mumbai’s First Week!

Mumbai! Every Indian wants to come here and visit beaches and see celebrities! Even I wanted to come and the last time I came here was January 2014, it was a 2 day trip. Liked it. Loved it.
But now when I am posted here, I am actually experiencing the other part of it. There’s no Marine drive but a Ferry Ride from Versova to Madh.
Things are challenging, Life is tough & Fast.
Its going well but I am seriously challenged by this Humid Weather of the city!

Selfie that most missed the Facebook!

Ah! Sunday Mornings! I Just Love them! You wake up early by some automatic without snooze alarm in your head because you have promised to go for a walk to your brain the Saturday night. And You Do all the things you do in the morning and Eat and Back to SLEEP!!ZZZZzzz!!

Then comes some wired dreams, things which never happened in life.

You go to the new place! Discover about it, meet new people and find some old ones and take selfie by the shore and guess what when you are about to post it someone wakes you up and its already afternoon!!

Problem with Leading E-Commerce Websites!!!

Recently i purchased i item with flipkart from the offer zone! and i have been struggling with the product. These websites are valuable equal to 2000 Crores!! I mean Two Thousand Crores!! 

First they make you addict by offering various discounts, refund policies and in the mean time they slowly hit on you from the back by changing the policy on the products that are not sold in the market because it may have poor product design. 

Flipkart Representatives don’t know what they are doing. I remember once Bansal brothers said that they will take the calls regarding the customer problems!! But i don’t think that is happening. The Product mentions that product has a touchscreen but it doesn’t work at all. Poor Flipkart. Days aren’t far the new Flipkart is going to come!!!!

Open Letter to Shri Arvind Kejriwal Ji

Respected Sir

Let’s not put ourselves down with the recent results of Lok Sabha Elections. There have been times you might have gone wrong, but i would like to remind you here that we are in course of learning, and learning obviously brings failure.

There have been many failures we have seen and we are yet to see from here too. But i want to convey a message here is, Let’s improve, improve, and improve!!! Last Couple of months i have been trying to volunteer for the AAP in more than ways possible. But i saw that there is no dedicated criteria, in which volunteer’s like me can really focus on what work is to be delivered, because they don’t have the right direction. 

I belong from Khanna, which comes from Fatehgarh Sahib constituency of Lok Sabha. This is one of the seats which Aam Adami Party has won from recent elections. Although the constituency has been given no or little attention before election.

  •  People weren’t happy with the candidate being deployed, although i fully respect H S Khalsa Sir. 
  • During your road show, you didn’t come to this constituency. 
  • No Active Membership Drives were done. 
  • People were not being aware of the work which would be done by AAP, if it comes to power. 

People simply voted because they believed in you. You should give attention to all the regions equally. This is one of the reasons of poor performance. There are other reasons too. Now, it’s up to you, how to perform at these 4 selected seats from Punjab. Local Leaders need to be given more empowerment. I hope you understand and will work on this. 


How The AAP Won Punjab: Harjeshwar Pal Singh


 This is a guest post by HARJESHWAR PAL SINGH

Amidst the unprecedented Tsunami of Modi which swept away opposition in most of the country, one result stood out as truly exceptional. AAM AADMI PARTY’s (AAP) stunning debut in Punjab. The virtually unheard of party in Punjab even 5 months before won 4 Parliamentary seats out of 13 and secured 25% of the popular vote announcing itself to be an equal of the ruling SAD/BJP combine and the opposition Congress. Two of its candidates Bhagwant Maan (Sangrur) and Prof Sadhu Singh (Faidkot ) won with a stunning margin of over 2 lakhs and 1.7 lakhs respectively. This popular groundswell of support which was ignored by most political analysts, conventional media and political parties had begun to take visible form through buzz on the street, social media and in common discourse by the election day.

What explains this massive upsurge by a…

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Screw you Guys, I’m going home

Well Explained the current situation in F1

The Buxton Blog

Is Formula 1 in crisis? No. But you’d never know it given the hullabaloo in the press. Red Bull saying this isn’t Formula 1. Ferrari saying this isn’t Formula 1. Bernie saying this isn’t Formula 1. Well I’m sorry guys, but you’ve only yourselves to blame.

This new engine formula came about as a direct result of Renault holding the sport hostage. Formula 1 was living in the past said Carlos Ghosn, and Renault would not be hanging around unless it changed its regulations to move in line with more road relevant technology. If they’d had their way, we’d currently have flat fours. As it is, they backtracked slightly to the 1.6 litre V6s which have so divided the sport’s fanbase.

That Renault has arguably done the poorest job in preparing for this new formula is nobody’s fault but their own. They pushed for this technology. They made their bed…

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