Respected Sir

Let’s not put ourselves down with the recent results of Lok Sabha Elections. There have been times you might have gone wrong, but i would like to remind you here that we are in course of learning, and learning obviously brings failure.

There have been many failures we have seen and we are yet to see from here too. But i want to convey a message here is, Let’s improve, improve, and improve!!! Last Couple of months i have been trying to volunteer for the AAP in more than ways possible. But i saw that there is no dedicated criteria, in which volunteer’s like me can really focus on what work is to be delivered, because they don’t have the right direction. 

I belong from Khanna, which comes from Fatehgarh Sahib constituency of Lok Sabha. This is one of the seats which Aam Adami Party has won from recent elections. Although the constituency has been given no or little attention before election.

  •  People weren’t happy with the candidate being deployed, although i fully respect H S Khalsa Sir. 
  • During your road show, you didn’t come to this constituency. 
  • No Active Membership Drives were done. 
  • People were not being aware of the work which would be done by AAP, if it comes to power. 

People simply voted because they believed in you. You should give attention to all the regions equally. This is one of the reasons of poor performance. There are other reasons too. Now, it’s up to you, how to perform at these 4 selected seats from Punjab. Local Leaders need to be given more empowerment. I hope you understand and will work on this.