Hi Ritesh

Greetings. You have been really working hard with your start up and guess what i bow you for this. I mean you provide the A Class rooms at C Class Rates. What more one can get. Hats off to you. But here’s something as a advice i want to tell you before its too late.

Well i happen to switched on a mode in my life, where i tend to save money now because i started earning it and someone rightly said it that you know the value of money when you earn it. Let’s not get into this, i have lot of things to say then.

It was perfect plan for a weekend. First Job, Friends together, time seemed good to enjoy the less explored areas. I wanted to start with Ahmadabad, probably that’s the closest one to my current city.

Plans made, Got booked a OYO Room!! Applied Coupon!! Payment Done!! Room BOOKED!!

I had to book in advance because we planed to Rev our Bikes engine through the Night to up till morning 4-5. I thought it would be tiring to continue, so we booked it.

But Guess what!! It was a Nightmare. Reached the location (Thanks to the in app Ola Booking and Navigation) and Phew!!!

The Hotel is Packed. Okay! I always thought that if we at least make the payment well in advance, your booking is confirmed.

Called the customer care, woo!! They promised to call back after some time with a nearby available property!

Lets Wait. 10 Minutes, No Call Back!! 20 Minutes!! When it was 30, i called back and there was a new person on the call, sounded sleepy (May be not well Paid and must be doing a Morning shift at ZOYO Rooms). Was Blank, promised a call back with some higher authority. And did i mention, he was too rude to handle.

My God!! I am young, i can go anywhere. But trust me, if a was a man with a family, i would sue you for this.

So Little brother, i wish you all the best with the future and advice you to have the Bookings confirmed for those who paid well in advance if not for the Pay at Hotel option!! Let’s not be Greedy and be Good with Customers.

I landed up paying about 10 times more to the other hotel at that situation. Would recommend to never trust with these Booking portals.

And guess what, its almost 4 days for now, and there is No Refund.

The Next time you get lured with the price, ring up and keep checking on the availability!! Mind it Guys, your Girl may Hang you for this.

ITNE Mien ITNA hi mil jayie, vohi bohat hai.

Good Night