And He is my role model and I know I can never be like him. So modest, down to earth, hardworking, smart, loved by the people.
I have learned hundreds of things from him and probably it would get to eternity before I can be him. I sound jealous. No! I Love him but dont really express it rather fail to express it.
Happy B’day Papa! I want you to live forever and forever and ever. Down the line, I have realised that it not only difficult to be you but how do you retain to be you. So much loving, well wisher and maintain that peace into you when it is required.
I know you are the best father one can have and I am so thankful to god for this. You gave me everything what I demanded and stood by my side no matter what.

I Love you.

I know no one can pay back their mothers but I even know that you even cannot pay back your fathers!

Happy B’day!!