While Returning Home……

The Crazy thing about day is it takes you to explore some new roads, places, towns and the destination of the day while the wise thing about night is you return to your home, the place where you feel the calmness at your heart. Past days, have been driving down to my home from Chandigarh and it felt like it was on Repeat Mode. I have traveled this route for more than 500 times and each time, i got to observe different things happening all around. It’s been really different in the later times, as i have been driving it down to town.

I switch myself to 92.7 FM while i leave the city beautiful, i don’t like it because it plays some good music but because it plays the repeated adds a less number of times. Getting Stuck at Lights, and then Pumping against the Rear bumper of the car in front. My Vehicle’s Front Number Plate would have been cursing me if it would be alive. It happens to kiss the vehicle’s in front and before that happens i press the brake paddle hardly like it happens all the time, when Good (Sorry i mean the Bad) Moment is about to happen.

I never get tired of driving, YES! i mean i just love it so much. I feel alive at driving at those Curves on the Road. I am sure, had there been a Karting Ring near my hometown, i would today be racing in Formula 3 if not ONE!! Sorry, i get high sometime without having a bottle too.

So, where were we? Right after i get out of the traffic to the open road, all i do is downshift and press the gas pedal. Overtaking one after the other at turns, at straights. Sometimes, the driver of the car gives me tough looks. But i am helpless, that’s  what i do when i driving ALONE!!

Getting onto the National Highway from the State one is one awesome feeling. One can compare it be landing in Singapore from Delhi. It feels so fresh, clean and one way traffic excluding some cheap people who try to save some drops of fuel by putting their lives at stake and choose to go the WRONG WAY!!

Shifting from the SH 62 to NH 1 makes me shift my radio station from 92.7 to 95.0 because that’s the one with good frequency hold on my car’s radio receiver. Within couple of corners, overtakes, and consuming polluted air i reach my place for a halt.

But before that, i feel so bad when i see a slaughter at corner of the street adjoining two villages. i don’t understand the concept behind eating those chickens. Get a Life, and spare them. I feel like killing that old bald man who kills them with that ax.  i know, i would do it one day if god doesn’t do that soon. then there is a another encounter with a different bald person aged around 90, travelling to a shop for spending a night doing a the security of the four walled room. i know him because i have been seeing him going for days and days. He was a accountant in young age at the same shop and now a days his eyes and old age don’t permit me. he walks so slow that it would almost take him one odd hour to travel that one mile. i feel like doing myself a justice and give him a lift to the shop. Life is unfair, two different stories with two same aged bald people.

Okay! Now allow me to go inside my home, my mom must be waiting for me in there. Good Night.


Dance of Democracy! Hum sub chor hai.


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In less than 3 days, our nation is going to jump into the Lok Sabha Elections. First phase of our pooling starts on 10th of April with Chandigarh, Haryana etc exercise their voting rights.

We are a democratic country!! We are taught in early classes that we should not discriminate or favour in terms of caste, creed, colour, etc, etc.

Given a second thought to the democratic word. Does that really happen? I mean so many voters are fraud. Some of them are easily purchased, some people even vote twice and some of people don’t really feel of taking a step and hit the booth to vote for the candidate who have excess to our hard payed taxes for a betterment in society.


why have we called it that way!! I mean we vote keeping a view of the Single face Party! For Instance, why should one vote for XYZ because he has done a good work in ABC State, or change our government after every 5 years, if not 5 years!! At max 10 years!!

Why don’t we see the face of our local candidate and vote. Why any person is free to file nomination from anywhere in india, not from where he belongs to. Why is this taken in sense of competition.

Why can’t we form a agency who keeps a check on the work being done by local candidates. I was completely shocked when I came to know only .15 paise is being spent, from the sanctioned amount of Rupees 5.

Corruption is in our blood, agreed. But why can’t we dilute it. We people talk about politics, and then end up talking again same things after end of every 5 years.

When we have exams to pursue every stage of life. Why don’t we have exams who enter politics. Why not closely see the vision. I mean can our political leaders start rallying without publishing their manifesto?

Manifesto should me moulded and should be different at every 10 KM’s depending on the needs and demands of people. Why can’t things go the way it goes in foreign nations??

Why can’t we higher our minimum work wages!! Why would people move out of india. Our taxes can be used properly. Government should subsidise education. Everyone is a tax payer! Be it Direct Tax or a indirect tax.

Why no party is talking about brining back the black money?

Everyone of us is a thief, you, me, everyone.

We want to loot and loot each other, and feed other rich countries like anything and then end up taking loans from world bank.

Wake up my india. It’s time. Value your power!

We have so much potential in ourself. We can tackle any problem in the world. We can make a difference. We can be a rich nation.

Everyone of us can be Khaas Aadmi and Aurat.

Let’s value our talent guys!! It’s high time.
Just think about our upcoming generations. We would be called idiotic generation if we continue this way!!

Autogully Purchase Review!! ( www.autogully.in )


This Review is based on my personal experience and honest review. 

First of all i would like to congratulate the minds behind this Start up. The Days are not far when DIY Automobile Modification is going to so easy with just a click of button. Recently, My Car had a bit of front impact crash, in which i almost lost my front Grills. Having seen around the chrome grills being really used in the cars these days. After all it gives you a BentLEY feel.

I Place a Order with them around 18 of a Month, and Expected Delivery was said to be around 27th of Month. 10 Days Delivery time seemed too much when compared to some of the e-commerce retailers like Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. Later i found out that this start up didn’t have their own Godown of Stock and collected from Local Stores in NCR (Dwarka) and shipped to respective places.

But real disappointment happened when the product only made to my place on 6th of Next Month. By that time, i had already bought from the car dealer. From Overall Prospective view the Product was Good. The Packing was So-So. No Extra Spacer Form or Damage Prone Cushions were installed. But i had safe landing somehow.

Another thing that lacked from AutoGully, i had told them to ship the order by FedEx or Bluedart, But i think they didn’t pay attention to this and Shipped by DTDC, although they claim to have been shipped by all major Packers & Movers!!  

When Skill & Talent is not always given importance!!



I Normally don’t spend my weekend the weekend way! But today i thought i should get out of my bed and go somewhere with my family. First i thought of a Movie, but i wanted to give it a miss and go on next day (Sunday). Then came to my mind was Circus, which Image

was put up in my city some days back. Year’s had past before i had seen one, although recently i saw a show of Zangoora at Kingdom of Dreams spending around 5000 Indian Currency. it was more like a story based circus which puts up a great show in beautiful auditorium. One can say it is a type of The Great Indian Circus shown in Dhoom 3. Yes, just that we put in some story into it and hussain replaces aamir khan. No Doubts, they put up so many efforts to bring that show up. 

Visiting the circus one out here in my city was Asiad Circus, don’t know why they added “D” to Asia, but somewhere it sounded weird to me. We Proceeded our way to Circus. The Setup seemed really convincing at first. The Tickets were distributed as 200 INR, 150 INR, 100 INR, and 50 INR. We took the front seat buying 5 tickets. Show had already started, there were some aerobics in the air going on. Most of the Seats were empty. This made us sure that we got seat of our choice. Although some people showed after some time. We took the seats which had best view and there was no safety net present in front. One after the other, many different people showcased their work. Elephants, Dogs, Parrots, Horses, also partnered to showcase some real talent and practice. Some other Breath taking moments also came which not only silenced the crowd but also there seemed to be lot of risk to the life of performers. The Safety was next to invisible. 

it lasted for two and a half hours. And what we call, Full Paisa Wasool was there. i clicked around 450 Photographs, which made me multitask. Sometimes between the Show i even gave up my Photography to clap. Despite all this, one question knocked at my mind door at the end of the show, The Performers who put in so much effort and skill, the empty seats justify them?? I was left half-hearted. Some strong emotion gripped my mind. We Rushed home.

Luckily i manage Page on Facebook Dedicated to to my city. I have some respected number of 2000 Likes on it. So to do bit from my side, i uploaded all the clicked photos and requested people to see as the circus was near to it’s closing days and move to the next city. i also searched a bit on the circus and found that people in Noida really liked this circus. This gave some relief to my mind, and my purpose was solved even if 500 of them saw the post and 100 of them made to the circus in next couple of days. 

I also saw a Boost Badge on the Lower Right of the Post. Facebook uses it for boosting the Post to section of people by targeting them by sponsored post. i wanted to know what exactly it would cost if i do. I was surprised, it costed normal, 200 INR a Day. The Last time i saw was like 14800 INR. I Boosted the Post for next 7 Days, although the circus only stays here for next 3 days. i thought if the response is good, they might extend up some days. I hope facebook boosts up the post and pray to god that people come out to watch the circus and give it love and support the Poor People filled up of Talent and Skills. Way to Go Asiad Circus. Obviously we cannot get the Response and Collection as Kingdom of Dreams, but we can obviously try it. 

Lots of Love. Thank you for 3 Hours of Entertainment 

& Now a Peaceful Night Ahead.


Good Night.

Flipkart deterioration Over the Years


When it comes to the E-Commerce in India, or wherever pages of the Book named Online Shopping in India would be read, the first thing or first chapter that one would read would be Flipkart.com without any Doubt. 

When it comes to Business, we all know it’s all about Risk and Management. The Risk of putting up “Cash on Delivery” on the Payment page was a BIG Risk. But Flipkart did so. And from that day the Founder’s Mr Bansal & Mr Bansal were in limelight. People like me are already fan’s of IITians. But this increased my respect for them. 

I have been so active sorry, Chain Shopper at Flipkart. with more than i think so around 70-80 Transactions, because i Loved It. Best Price, Best Deals, Best Products. The Shopping was never so easy. What added more to this flavour was delivering even in small little towns like mine. 

Slowly everyone started Flipkarting and it became the Million Dollar Company and while others started opening similar website’s. But None could match them. I mean even till date. Flipkart added other seller’s too so that it could become multi-seller website like that of Ebay. Lately even Forbes made Flipkart it’s Cover Page. Everything was in favour of this mega shopping website.

Most of the Products by Flipkart is sold by a Retailer named WS Retail, it is Flipkart itself i think so. Looking at some stats, i found it had around 1,000,000 % Star Ratings and 90,000 1 Star Ratings. That means it after every 10 Buyers who have had really awesome experience, there was 1 Seller who would not buy thing next time from here. Please Note that i have not considered 2,3,4 Star Rating Experience. 

At First when i received the Dusty Stationary i ordered, i didn’t complain about it as i thought once in a Blue Moon would be okay as the Retailer has 86% Positive Feedback. Although if you have that Score on Ebay, Nobody would buy anything from your shop. 

Second time i received a book with really bad packing, the edges were damaged. i tweeted about same, and flipkart guys called me for a replacement but i found the book readable enough, so didn’t go for replacement. 

This time i order shoes, and Guess What? The shoes i got were “used” Yes! Second Hand. There was lot of Dust on inside and outside. Some Patches didn’t go even after rubbing them with the cloth.

Now that’s not what you expect it from Flipkart.com 

Now that’s not one-off Case! 

Please Be Careful, when you shop next with this seller.

What do you think? Has Flipkart’s service really deteriorated over the years, or would you discount this as again one of the rare cases among thousands of other satisfied Flipkart consumers?

(issued in interest and welfare of Aam Admai who Flipkarts) 


No New Year Resolutions

Its just because i can stick to them. Looking back at time gone by, have made me realise that i have been under performer in so many ways!! So, i think it’s time to stand. I pray for well-being of everyone. May the Lord give me strength to serve my people.
Also felt that how important my school and college have been in developing me to what i am today (may be just like other Average boy) but i want to thank them for the values they have put inside me.

Happy New Year.


Going far beyond the call of duty, doing more than what others expect . . . This is what excellence is all about. And it comes from striving hard, maintaining the highest standards, looking after the smallest detail, and going the extra mile. Excellence means doing your very best. In everything, in every way. . . Every day.

2013 Indian Grand Prix! – Unforgettable Day


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Yes, the Day was Unforgettable. First of all thanks to my friends Paras, Lakshay, Aman, and Rajat. We all Enjoyed a lot. The North Picnic Stand is a beauty to watch the Race, i must say! Thanks to BIC, for giving me a opportunity to watch it being friendly to my wallet. I would also like to thank Jaypee Group for the development they have brought into the Greater Noida. Simply, beautiful. The Circuit, the Express way, the Roads, Parking, Stands, View from the Stands. Just wow. Circuit stands 360 KM’s away from my place. Started Early morning with a Strategy (Yes, i have a Strategy of Everything back in my mind). All went well,  and Excellently timed when we see Expressway full of cars going to the BIC. Driving to BIC, by that part of Yamuna Expressway was really exciting. The Overtaking Lane, Car Lane, Heavy Vehicle Lane, and the Rescue Lane had no meaning. Everyone just rushed forward and forward. Changing to the Custom made T-shirt’s was the next thing, and i was happy as the size i ordered suited exactly. (Yes, we had designed a T-Shirt for Indian GP). The Crowd was HUGE. The Stand was almost full. Meanwhile, we got some poorly stuffed Kathi Rolls priced around 726483839 times it should have been. Taking Drinks was a challenging task. (Thanks to a Food Distributing staff who helped getting it away from the que). Meanwhile we were about to begin with the Photography session for Lakshay Verma and Paras Nagpal, one of the Spaniard came to us to take a photograph of him with us. He liked our Clothing and was a Big Alonso Fan like us. We Loved that. Some more came thereafter. Rajat was happy that it paid off. Meanwhile there were some sound like a Airplane Landing. (The Airport is far away from Circuit though). Crowd went like RACE STARTED. i thought it was a formation Lap but the time wasn’t even for it. Caterihms, Maurius, and the RedBulls were performing some Hot Laps repeatedly, (it may be to cheer up the Crowd). WIthin no time, there was no space in the massive Picnic Stand to even sit, Laying down was another part of Picnic. People enjoyed having beer’s but we sticked to the ice tea. i wanted myself to be near to the Turn 1 because in the previous Races, there have been some of the incidents of crashes at the start at Turn 1. But Massive Crowd took places near the Turn 2, which was slowest turn of the circuit. Driver’s shift their Gear to 1st and the speed came as down as 40 KM/H. The Turn 2 also lead to the Longest Straight of the Formula One 2013 Season Circuit’s. One Could also see the Turn 3 (which breaked the Straight) from the Picnic Stand. All in all, everything about this stand was very nice. The Race begin at 3, we all loved it. Seeing a collision of Alonso with Webber and damage at that front wing was really bad. Meanwhile Massa was Leading the Race, this was another cheer up moment. i have been following him as back as 2006. Later, even Webber lead the Race and it was all nice until we saw Vettel Building 20 second Gaps between him and webber (really wanted him to win some races before he retires). As we were standing there, a RedBull came near our Stand and Stopped. One Could see how everyone clinched to the fence. Back in my mind, i thought it was Vettel until a tall men came out and within no time i realised that it was Webber (The Bad Luck Continued). This was really disappointing. Spent  rest of the Race Clicking some Photos and checking the status on Phone. The time flew, 2 hours were like the 2 minutes and 50 Laps Over. Everything was understood here. Vettel Crowned the 4th Consecutive Champion and RedBull with their Constructors. Congratulations! for clinching over both the trophies. Last 5 Laps remaining we rushed to the cars, to avoid any traffic. But my eye was on Massa, wish he had a podium finish. it would have been a better day.

Vettel is a exceptionally great driver. Hearing he did donuts after the Race! And i was like i wished i would have been on the Grand Stand and saw it all. Saw it all on repeat telecast whatsoever! Overall A wonderful day. Seeing the V8 Engine’s Roaring really made my day.

F1 would never be same again with the 2014 Rule Changes! 🙂

Hope Indian Grand Prix return on the 2015 Race Calendar, a serious request to FIA and Bernnie. Image