The Crazy thing about day is it takes you to explore some new roads, places, towns and the destination of the day while the wise thing about night is you return to your home, the place where you feel the calmness at your heart. Past days, have been driving down to my home from Chandigarh and it felt like it was on Repeat Mode. I have traveled this route for more than 500 times and each time, i got to observe different things happening all around. It’s been really different in the later times, as i have been driving it down to town.

I switch myself to 92.7 FM while i leave the city beautiful, i don’t like it because it plays some good music but because it plays the repeated adds a less number of times. Getting Stuck at Lights, and then Pumping against the Rear bumper of the car in front. My Vehicle’s Front Number Plate would have been cursing me if it would be alive. It happens to kiss the vehicle’s in front and before that happens i press the brake paddle hardly like it happens all the time, when Good (Sorry i mean the Bad) Moment is about to happen.

I never get tired of driving, YES! i mean i just love it so much. I feel alive at driving at those Curves on the Road. I am sure, had there been a Karting Ring near my hometown, i would today be racing in Formula 3 if not ONE!! Sorry, i get high sometime without having a bottle too.

So, where were we? Right after i get out of the traffic to the open road, all i do is downshift and press the gas pedal. Overtaking one after the other at turns, at straights. Sometimes, the driver of the car gives me tough looks. But i am helpless, that’s  what i do when i driving ALONE!!

Getting onto the National Highway from the State one is one awesome feeling. One can compare it be landing in Singapore from Delhi. It feels so fresh, clean and one way traffic excluding some cheap people who try to save some drops of fuel by putting their lives at stake and choose to go the WRONG WAY!!

Shifting from the SH 62 to NH 1 makes me shift my radio station from 92.7 to 95.0 because that’s the one with good frequency hold on my car’s radio receiver. Within couple of corners, overtakes, and consuming polluted air i reach my place for a halt.

But before that, i feel so bad when i see a slaughter at corner of the street adjoining two villages. i don’t understand the concept behind eating those chickens. Get a Life, and spare them. I feel like killing that old bald man who kills them with that ax.  i know, i would do it one day if god doesn’t do that soon. then there is a another encounter with a different bald person aged around 90, travelling to a shop for spending a night doing a the security of the four walled room. i know him because i have been seeing him going for days and days. He was a accountant in young age at the same shop and now a days his eyes and old age don’t permit me. he walks so slow that it would almost take him one odd hour to travel that one mile. i feel like doing myself a justice and give him a lift to the shop. Life is unfair, two different stories with two same aged bald people.

Okay! Now allow me to go inside my home, my mom must be waiting for me in there. Good Night.