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In less than 3 days, our nation is going to jump into the Lok Sabha Elections. First phase of our pooling starts on 10th of April with Chandigarh, Haryana etc exercise their voting rights.

We are a democratic country!! We are taught in early classes that we should not discriminate or favour in terms of caste, creed, colour, etc, etc.

Given a second thought to the democratic word. Does that really happen? I mean so many voters are fraud. Some of them are easily purchased, some people even vote twice and some of people don’t really feel of taking a step and hit the booth to vote for the candidate who have excess to our hard payed taxes for a betterment in society.


why have we called it that way!! I mean we vote keeping a view of the Single face Party! For Instance, why should one vote for XYZ because he has done a good work in ABC State, or change our government after every 5 years, if not 5 years!! At max 10 years!!

Why don’t we see the face of our local candidate and vote. Why any person is free to file nomination from anywhere in india, not from where he belongs to. Why is this taken in sense of competition.

Why can’t we form a agency who keeps a check on the work being done by local candidates. I was completely shocked when I came to know only .15 paise is being spent, from the sanctioned amount of Rupees 5.

Corruption is in our blood, agreed. But why can’t we dilute it. We people talk about politics, and then end up talking again same things after end of every 5 years.

When we have exams to pursue every stage of life. Why don’t we have exams who enter politics. Why not closely see the vision. I mean can our political leaders start rallying without publishing their manifesto?

Manifesto should me moulded and should be different at every 10 KM’s depending on the needs and demands of people. Why can’t things go the way it goes in foreign nations??

Why can’t we higher our minimum work wages!! Why would people move out of india. Our taxes can be used properly. Government should subsidise education. Everyone is a tax payer! Be it Direct Tax or a indirect tax.

Why no party is talking about brining back the black money?

Everyone of us is a thief, you, me, everyone.

We want to loot and loot each other, and feed other rich countries like anything and then end up taking loans from world bank.

Wake up my india. It’s time. Value your power!

We have so much potential in ourself. We can tackle any problem in the world. We can make a difference. We can be a rich nation.

Everyone of us can be Khaas Aadmi and Aurat.

Let’s value our talent guys!! It’s high time.
Just think about our upcoming generations. We would be called idiotic generation if we continue this way!!