I Normally don’t spend my weekend the weekend way! But today i thought i should get out of my bed and go somewhere with my family. First i thought of a Movie, but i wanted to give it a miss and go on next day (Sunday). Then came to my mind was Circus, which Image

was put up in my city some days back. Year’s had past before i had seen one, although recently i saw a show of Zangoora at Kingdom of Dreams spending around 5000 Indian Currency. it was more like a story based circus which puts up a great show in beautiful auditorium. One can say it is a type of The Great Indian Circus shown in Dhoom 3. Yes, just that we put in some story into it and hussain replaces aamir khan. No Doubts, they put up so many efforts to bring that show up. 

Visiting the circus one out here in my city was Asiad Circus, don’t know why they added “D” to Asia, but somewhere it sounded weird to me. We Proceeded our way to Circus. The Setup seemed really convincing at first. The Tickets were distributed as 200 INR, 150 INR, 100 INR, and 50 INR. We took the front seat buying 5 tickets. Show had already started, there were some aerobics in the air going on. Most of the Seats were empty. This made us sure that we got seat of our choice. Although some people showed after some time. We took the seats which had best view and there was no safety net present in front. One after the other, many different people showcased their work. Elephants, Dogs, Parrots, Horses, also partnered to showcase some real talent and practice. Some other Breath taking moments also came which not only silenced the crowd but also there seemed to be lot of risk to the life of performers. The Safety was next to invisible. 

it lasted for two and a half hours. And what we call, Full Paisa Wasool was there. i clicked around 450 Photographs, which made me multitask. Sometimes between the Show i even gave up my Photography to clap. Despite all this, one question knocked at my mind door at the end of the show, The Performers who put in so much effort and skill, the empty seats justify them?? I was left half-hearted. Some strong emotion gripped my mind. We Rushed home.

Luckily i manage Page on Facebook Dedicated to to my city. I have some respected number of 2000 Likes on it. So to do bit from my side, i uploaded all the clicked photos and requested people to see as the circus was near to it’s closing days and move to the next city. i also searched a bit on the circus and found that people in Noida really liked this circus. This gave some relief to my mind, and my purpose was solved even if 500 of them saw the post and 100 of them made to the circus in next couple of days. 

I also saw a Boost Badge on the Lower Right of the Post. Facebook uses it for boosting the Post to section of people by targeting them by sponsored post. i wanted to know what exactly it would cost if i do. I was surprised, it costed normal, 200 INR a Day. The Last time i saw was like 14800 INR. I Boosted the Post for next 7 Days, although the circus only stays here for next 3 days. i thought if the response is good, they might extend up some days. I hope facebook boosts up the post and pray to god that people come out to watch the circus and give it love and support the Poor People filled up of Talent and Skills. Way to Go Asiad Circus. Obviously we cannot get the Response and Collection as Kingdom of Dreams, but we can obviously try it. 

Lots of Love. Thank you for 3 Hours of Entertainment 

& Now a Peaceful Night Ahead.


Good Night.