When it comes to the E-Commerce in India, or wherever pages of the Book named Online Shopping in India would be read, the first thing or first chapter that one would read would be Flipkart.com without any Doubt. 

When it comes to Business, we all know it’s all about Risk and Management. The Risk of putting up “Cash on Delivery” on the Payment page was a BIG Risk. But Flipkart did so. And from that day the Founder’s Mr Bansal & Mr Bansal were in limelight. People like me are already fan’s of IITians. But this increased my respect for them. 

I have been so active sorry, Chain Shopper at Flipkart. with more than i think so around 70-80 Transactions, because i Loved It. Best Price, Best Deals, Best Products. The Shopping was never so easy. What added more to this flavour was delivering even in small little towns like mine. 

Slowly everyone started Flipkarting and it became the Million Dollar Company and while others started opening similar website’s. But None could match them. I mean even till date. Flipkart added other seller’s too so that it could become multi-seller website like that of Ebay. Lately even Forbes made Flipkart it’s Cover Page. Everything was in favour of this mega shopping website.

Most of the Products by Flipkart is sold by a Retailer named WS Retail, it is Flipkart itself i think so. Looking at some stats, i found it had around 1,000,000 % Star Ratings and 90,000 1 Star Ratings. That means it after every 10 Buyers who have had really awesome experience, there was 1 Seller who would not buy thing next time from here. Please Note that i have not considered 2,3,4 Star Rating Experience. 

At First when i received the Dusty Stationary i ordered, i didn’t complain about it as i thought once in a Blue Moon would be okay as the Retailer has 86% Positive Feedback. Although if you have that Score on Ebay, Nobody would buy anything from your shop. 

Second time i received a book with really bad packing, the edges were damaged. i tweeted about same, and flipkart guys called me for a replacement but i found the book readable enough, so didn’t go for replacement. 

This time i order shoes, and Guess What? The shoes i got were “used” Yes! Second Hand. There was lot of Dust on inside and outside. Some Patches didn’t go even after rubbing them with the cloth.

Now that’s not what you expect it from Flipkart.com 

Now that’s not one-off Case! 

Please Be Careful, when you shop next with this seller.

What do you think? Has Flipkart’s service really deteriorated over the years, or would you discount this as again one of the rare cases among thousands of other satisfied Flipkart consumers?

(issued in interest and welfare of Aam Admai who Flipkarts)