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Yes, the Day was Unforgettable. First of all thanks to my friends Paras, Lakshay, Aman, and Rajat. We all Enjoyed a lot. The North Picnic Stand is a beauty to watch the Race, i must say! Thanks to BIC, for giving me a opportunity to watch it being friendly to my wallet. I would also like to thank Jaypee Group for the development they have brought into the Greater Noida. Simply, beautiful. The Circuit, the Express way, the Roads, Parking, Stands, View from the Stands. Just wow. Circuit stands 360 KM’s away from my place. Started Early morning with a Strategy (Yes, i have a Strategy of Everything back in my mind). All went well,  and Excellently timed when we see Expressway full of cars going to the BIC. Driving to BIC, by that part of Yamuna Expressway was really exciting. The Overtaking Lane, Car Lane, Heavy Vehicle Lane, and the Rescue Lane had no meaning. Everyone just rushed forward and forward. Changing to the Custom made T-shirt’s was the next thing, and i was happy as the size i ordered suited exactly. (Yes, we had designed a T-Shirt for Indian GP). The Crowd was HUGE. The Stand was almost full. Meanwhile, we got some poorly stuffed Kathi Rolls priced around 726483839 times it should have been. Taking Drinks was a challenging task. (Thanks to a Food Distributing staff who helped getting it away from the que). Meanwhile we were about to begin with the Photography session for Lakshay Verma and Paras Nagpal, one of the Spaniard came to us to take a photograph of him with us. He liked our Clothing and was a Big Alonso Fan like us. We Loved that. Some more came thereafter. Rajat was happy that it paid off. Meanwhile there were some sound like a Airplane Landing. (The Airport is far away from Circuit though). Crowd went like RACE STARTED. i thought it was a formation Lap but the time wasn’t even for it. Caterihms, Maurius, and the RedBulls were performing some Hot Laps repeatedly, (it may be to cheer up the Crowd). WIthin no time, there was no space in the massive Picnic Stand to even sit, Laying down was another part of Picnic. People enjoyed having beer’s but we sticked to the ice tea. i wanted myself to be near to the Turn 1 because in the previous Races, there have been some of the incidents of crashes at the start at Turn 1. But Massive Crowd took places near the Turn 2, which was slowest turn of the circuit. Driver’s shift their Gear to 1st and the speed came as down as 40 KM/H. The Turn 2 also lead to the Longest Straight of the Formula One 2013 Season Circuit’s. One Could also see the Turn 3 (which breaked the Straight) from the Picnic Stand. All in all, everything about this stand was very nice. The Race begin at 3, we all loved it. Seeing a collision of Alonso with Webber and damage at that front wing was really bad. Meanwhile Massa was Leading the Race, this was another cheer up moment. i have been following him as back as 2006. Later, even Webber lead the Race and it was all nice until we saw Vettel Building 20 second Gaps between him and webber (really wanted him to win some races before he retires). As we were standing there, a RedBull came near our Stand and Stopped. One Could see how everyone clinched to the fence. Back in my mind, i thought it was Vettel until a tall men came out and within no time i realised that it was Webber (The Bad Luck Continued). This was really disappointing. Spent  rest of the Race Clicking some Photos and checking the status on Phone. The time flew, 2 hours were like the 2 minutes and 50 Laps Over. Everything was understood here. Vettel Crowned the 4th Consecutive Champion and RedBull with their Constructors. Congratulations! for clinching over both the trophies. Last 5 Laps remaining we rushed to the cars, to avoid any traffic. But my eye was on Massa, wish he had a podium finish. it would have been a better day.

Vettel is a exceptionally great driver. Hearing he did donuts after the Race! And i was like i wished i would have been on the Grand Stand and saw it all. Saw it all on repeat telecast whatsoever! Overall A wonderful day. Seeing the V8 Engine’s Roaring really made my day.

F1 would never be same again with the 2014 Rule Changes! 🙂

Hope Indian Grand Prix return on the 2015 Race Calendar, a serious request to FIA and Bernnie. Image