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As i got into college, i wanted a car that was sporty, muscular and has great performance spec’s on paper and off paper. Living with Cruze made my mechanical engineering study more interesting as sometimes it served as a practical of my theoretical knowledge studied in class. i often ended up learning more and more about the car. The Car was on my eyes as back as 2010, when it first launched. My Eyes failed to spot as many numbers on road though.

I often like to test a vehicle and see of it serves my need and demand rather than going onto the sales number. While i was looking for this car, was also looking for the Skoda Laura (Thank God, i didn’t buy); Volkswagen Jetta (Everyone loves German technology, they were also offering me massive discounts because in the upcoming year, the new Jetta (Pannel Downed Audi A4) was to be launched); Toyota Altis (I loved the Car, but the Engine Performance didn’t suit me somehow). Excuse me for using so many brackets within the brackets. Why i didn’t consider Honda Civic was the rising petrol prices and my average week’s drive was more than 500 Km’s.

Some of the things that ended up my decision to buy CRUZE was:

  • Brilliant Performance (Most Powerful Sedan in it’s class)
  • Solid Build Quality (Trust me, i have a experience)
  • Muscular Look (i loved the front look, already loved the dual tail lights in civic when i was small, Thanks to GM, they Copied)
  • Good Fuel Efficiency (i mostly end up driving on the Highway, so the Good Mileage was a sound & Economic option)
  • Excellent Braking & Cornering ( i mean you can press that pedal and steer that wheel with more confidence than in any other car)
  • Interior Design (Cockpit inspired designed was what i loved the most)

i didn’t find any problem when buying one. i was lucky i got it without waiting for one and my favorite metallic color diamond white, which looked different and appealing compared to other colors.

I have undergone with a Self Check up after every 2000 KM’s and Mechanical Check up at the Chevrolet Dealer at every 5000 KM’s. The Car has been doing great.

One thing i found that changed with time was the Engine Roar. Now, the voice of Engine has bit changed and looks like the engine is lagging somewhere. I think so this is normal because of the 92k KM’s done on it. I would check with the Mechanic once i go for 95k Service.

I have not applied any Custom ECU’s, Head or Tail Lights or the Front Chrome Grill. That’s because i like to keep it simple. i have been in love with it as it requires no additional changes. However after 10k more, i would change some of it’s exterior parts. i am also planning to go for RD ECU system as i saw in some blogs that it is really effective on the Eco Mode.

I am already achieving a mileage of 16 KMPL when AC is turned off and the Air Temperature is normal.

However, i see significant decrease in extreme hot and cold conditions like that of May-June and December-January, it falls to around 13.5 KMPL. as i have already told you that i am more of a highway driver than of a city. But whenever i have tried driving in the city, i can easily get 12 KMPL. On Long Routes, and Driving in Power Band, i could easily get a mileage of as high as 17 KMPL. I also see a rise in average of my car after i used a additive of System D supplied by Chevrolet at the Service Stations. When asked to one of the Service Adviser, he said it’s more for engine cleaning.

What i really love about Cruze is it’s stability and Traction with the Road at high speed’s and it’s braking from that high speed. I had the Old Cruze, therefor i missed the Bluetooth Calling and the USB Music Plug and Play System, but it was must for a upgrade. Although i enjoy 6 CD Changer. Plus the Engine upgrade is really nice since it decreases the so called “Turbo Lag”. The Engine now has more power under it’s hood but can’t comment about if it’s more efficient.

One more thing that i noticed was the emission’s from exhaust were more smelly than a regular one. i made a check on the pollution board (although they don’t even test and give the paper just like that). The Value that came out was 38. I don’t know the units but when asked what was the normal range, he said it should be between 25 to 45. Most Car’s have around 28-32. Probably it’s a Diesel Car, the Exhaust gases are at higher temperature, or i guess i need to change my catalytic conversion box that absorbs harmful gases and toxins.

I change my Engine Oil Filter and Inlet Manifold’s filter regularly after 10k-15k depending on the condition, because that’s where the mighty engine breaths. One more thing i would like to mention here is that i also change the AC filter at a span of 20k (Max) because that helps keeping the Blower Healthy and Air which we breath more clean and cool. I notice that the Air is cool enough when even the AC is off during morning time and cool evenings. Note that i don’t believe in opening the window panes and driving, because it reduces thew mileage as studied by engineer’s at SAE. For Old Cruze owner’s, get your timing belt changed at every 60K and the new one come’s with timing chain. I also drive like fast, really fast when i am on highway. but you will be surprised that i could last the stoke brake pads for 35k’s and upgraded to new one’s which lasted 75k. The Composite used by GM seems to be really nice and less wearing out, maintaining a good friction.

When we are talking about getting the Cruze Serviced. I would like to advice my fellow owner’s to ask for a discount because the dealer’s are bound to give discount on the labor as well as parts as they earn big chunks of money from service of Cruze & Captiva’s.

Cruze Warranty is another thing to really talk about. After-all GM has offered 3 years / 1,00,000 KM cover. I managed to change many things under this warranty. My Front Shocks (which had leaks), My Horns (Both Low tone and High tone), Fuel Line (as recommended by GM), Radiator Fan Wiring (as recommended by GM) etc. I didn’t inquire about warranty extension because i didn’t feel like extending it much.

I lasted about 30k on my stock tyres and then upgraded with GY Eagal NCT 5 (2 of them) and they lasted about another 25k. I was not happy with Eithier of them. After doing some market and owner survey’s i found that Yoko’s A Drive R1 Available in 205/50/R16 and 205/55/R16 performed well. Yes, they perform really nice, in last 45k, they got hardly punctured and the grip is really nice. There is a little but fall in the overall height of the car but the performance is superb.

After Driving on Almost all types of terrains, one thing i must recommend to the native cruze owner’s is to keep a check on the Wheel Alignments. They can probably ruin your tires very fast.

It’s time to conclude. Please Share, Comment and Spread the Beastness of Cruze! Hope i can get a detailed review after it’s happily done 1,00,000 KM’s 🙂

Cruze R16 Wheel

Cruze R16 Wheel