Apple is finally launching the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in india with 3rd Stage of countries on 1st November. Just as it launched it’s iPhone 5 last year on 2nd November. I remember i was one of the first to get my hands on to it, thanks to the Pre-booking i managed to do at i-store. People criticised apple and said that

they would not spend 45 thousand bucks, just to get a inch more of a iPhone

but you see nothing has effected its sales! It was hot selling. I remember, people had a waiting period for over a month

This time people have same things to criticise for the so called finger print security lock, what more actually adds to fire is rupee dollar relationship getting worse. Apple has already updated all the prices of the products. But to balance it, Apple previously said the Gold Edition is been taken out targeting india and china. The Gold edition is already making to the top charts around the world, people were probably bored with white and blacks!!

I expect 5S to come at 55k and 5C at 35k.
The competition for other mobile phone manufacturers is going to be more stiffer.

Fingers Crossed.

PS: i am not going to buy the iPhone 5S or 5C