Monaco is here! All the Risk Taking Situations, Crash’s are here!! It’s the Street Circuit.
Massa had a ugly accident in FP3 otherwise he would have finished closed to Alonso and Kimi.
Less than a hour for Race and No Predictions from my side.
Best of Luck to Alonso and Massa. Hope they can do well here.
Nico is the Driver to look for because its the home Race for him. His father has also Raced there, and won it to.
Merc is looking strong with front row locked. But will Hamilton be able to maintain that from Kimmi Redbull at 2nd Row!!
Webber is favourites having won 2 times of the last 3 races. But he can only convert this to 3 of 4 by having a very good start.
One thing to watch here is as they say it is not a overtaking circuit. So, I would say Kimmi with his favourite strategy of one less pit stop can win it here. Alonso needs to conserve tyres in the Start of Race so as to get the perfect lead.
This Race will be close.. Hope no Crashes!! Ferrari Ferrari.