498-chinese-gp-hamilton-takes-his-first-pole-position-for-mercedes-at-shanghaiYes! This trio is what i would always like to see. Hamilton is beauty at taking the Pole’s away. I want Alonso to finish this Race at P1. Vettel has made a big points difference. As i was seeing at the Picture, i noticed Kimi waving the thumb and other two (Alonso, Hamilton) with five fingers open. At one point i thought they were saying the number of pit stops they are going to make during the Race. Feel sorry for Webber, but he is just beauty. I think Massa will perform well and make to top 3. Massa has a good pace, we saw that in Practice Sessions.

Another guy to look in this race would be Rosberg. He has a great potential to be at podium. This Race is going to be really nice to watch. Everyone is so UP at the start of the Season.