I never wanted to write something about this, but this has emerged out to be a talkative issue on the forums of Formula One. So, has the Bulls faced each other as the picture depicts. Everyone knew what Vettel did in the Sepang GP, some of Seb Servers saying that he has shown true spirit of Racing like Senna and Schumi, but we never heard of them overruling the Team Orders. From past issue and controversy’s it seems Vettel has gone wild and has no respect for team mate Webber. who is a know face in the Formula One. He has got more experience of doing racing. He has most aged driver currently on the Grid. 

While on the Sepang, Webber was on Massive attack since the start of the race. We saw him coming forward from P5. Even in FP, he showed some of the best results. On the other hand if we see Vettel, he has statement that he didn’t know what he was doing. I respect Vettel as a F1 Champion. But with this attitude, he let down my respect for him. He wants to clinch down as much points as he can, so that no other (Alonso) can take up to the last Race on deciding the Title. (as happened Last Year) 

Nico was doing well, he could have easily out paced Hamilton to gain P3, and make to the podium but he didn’t as he respects the Team Orders. This is what is demanded from Vettel. Red Bull wants to gain a position on the Grid, with both of the Drivers performing World Class. 


It was shocking to see Webber Fingered Vettel during the Pass. This shows how much differences have gone between the two drivers and then vettel Says “We don’t hate Each Other” (Some one please show him that Finger was for him not for the Track” Apologizing Later on is not a answer. This reminds of the Crash back at Turkey, one would see the Reactions of Vettel. It also reminds of Last year Brazillian GP, when Vettel was on the Verge of loosing the World Championship, and Schumacher, Webber was leading at P7 and P6 respectively. Vettel at least required P7 to get his hands on the trophy and title himself as the Three time world Champion. Michael let him pass easily, slipping down a position (his last GP), and had he required P6, Mark would have easily let him pass as a Team Mate and get his Crown if instructed by Team Officials. 

To End i would say, Playing Fare is more important then playing Roar, abusing the cars over each other, putting a lot of Heat among Team and winning the Race.

Following is the link to Mark’s and Seb’s Reaction’s after Race: (Please Do watch):

Please do comment of what you feel, no hard feelings it’s just my point of view and opinion. I have a great respect for both Vettel and Webber. Thank you Guys.