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Another 10 minutes and the new iPhone will come out. Many people (including me) were not satisfied by the iPhone 4S Launch when compared to iPhone 4. Although everyone bought it later. Surely Apple won’t repeat the mistake by keeping the same design this year, So, a fresh design is must.
Another thing that I want from the new iPhone is a better Camera, also better Home Button Response!! No Doubt one out of the box feature would come down as usual. Rest iOS 6 looks great, App Store should be enhanced and Siri must be improved, should have Punjabi Language from Option Menu.
One last thing that I really want from Apple is Same Launch Dates in India as in US and other countries with same prices!!
And what I believe is iPhone 5 will be around the same price window as iPhone 4S +5000 would surely vary!!
So, let’s watch now what apple has for us in the store for us!!

*Fingers Crossed*

Mahesh Garg